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Make it to Midnight: Learning to Live When You Want to Die

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In 2009, Jim Denning made a choice. His doctors had diagnosed him with “treatment resistant” bipolar disorder II, generalized anxiety disorder and ADHD. They told him to go on disability and resign himself to a life of struggle and suicidal feelings. But he decided to reject this prognosis, and instead found his own way to overcome years of pain. In his book Make it to Midnight: Learning to Live When You Want to Die, Jim tells the story of how he “hacked” his mind and spirit to create a happy, fulfilled life. He includes the tools that saved his life and plan for readers to follow. His book is a resource for anyone in need of suicide help or a roadmap to a happier life.

In his own words: “No one could tell me why. Why was I, a successful, healthy and intelligent man, unable to overcome these issues. I started studying the brain and how it works and I found my answers. I had no intention of becoming a counselor but after “fixing” me I felt I had to. My favorite part of what I do is working with trauma patients. With Accelerated Resolution Therapy I can deliver on the promise of counseling.” In just one AR Therapy session, Jim can provide “unparalleled relief” to someone who has been living with trauma for years or even decades.”

Authentic Living

Jim realized that the source of his suffering was his attempts to fit in with corporate culture and society’s expectations, which put him into conflict with himself. Every person’s mind has two components: the thinking brain and the feeling brain. When these components are not in harmony, the results can include depression, anxiety, PTSD and a number of emotional problems.

Through his faith in God and his dedication to self improvement, Jim was able to begin living according to his true temperament and his purpose. From there, everything fell into place. Today he is medication-free and happier than he’s ever been, and he wants to share how anyone can follow the steps he took.

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