How it Works

Accelerated Resolution Therapy

Accelerated Resolution Therapy (AR Therapy) is an evidence-based treatment for post-traumatic stress (PTS), anxiety, depression and addiction. It  helps patients resolve their symptoms quickly and safely. At The Denning Center, we say that accelerated resolution therapy allows you to “keep the knowledge, lose the pain” and finally cope with negative associations and thoughts without ever having to talk about the event.

So how does it work? In short, AR Therapy allows the brain to move a negative memory or feeling from short term memory to long term memory. This allows your brain to process trauma in a safe, medication-free way by using a technique called bilateral stimulation. This involves a stimulus – usually a light, a visual object, or an audio tone – that rhythmically moves in a left-and-right pattern. This creates a relaxing effect that allows you to access a negative memory or problem without experiencing overwhelming negative emotions.

Voluntary Image Replacement
Accelerated resolution therapy combines the effects of bilateral stimulation with another technique known as voluntary image replacement. This technique allows you to replace an upsetting memory or mental image with a neutral or positive image, changing the way you feel whenever this memory comes up. You’ll still remember what happened, but you won’t be bothered anymore by distressing images that you typically associate with this memory.

Treatment Safety
Accelerated resolution therapy does not use hypnosis or medications, making it a safe treatment option. However, bilateral stimulation can have unexpected effects on people who are very sensitive to stimuli, including people with certain brain injuries, people who suffer from migraines, and people with complex PTS or Dissociative Identity Disorder. People with these diagnoses should speak with a trained AR therapy specialist before attempting this technique.

Patient Testimonials

“In the past I struggled to keep my head above water and have spent my whole life trying to make it to shore. After my first AR Therapy session, it was then that I finally felt like I could.”
– Meagan, AR Therapy patient
“The traumatic thoughts I used to relive in my mind disappeared and were essentially replaced with a better thought/experience.”
– Morgan, AR Therapy patient
“We receive valuable counseling from Jim. He constantly offers support, advice as well as facts based on science plus his infinite intellect. He is very caring, and I believe he wants to truly make an impact in his client’s lives.”
– Luz, counseling patient
“Jim Denning is a highly qualified counselor. He is exceptionally friendly and creates a warm environment upon entry, a very important element to a counselor. From this therapy, the horribly vivid nightmares I was having subsided as my emotional side was able to process through a lot of things, and it made my life so much better.”
- Genevieve, AR Therapy patient